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9 Green Gradient Face Brushes
  • 9 Green Gradient Face Brushes9 Green Gradient Face Brushes
  • 9 Green Gradient Face Brushes9 Green Gradient Face Brushes
  • 9 Green Gradient Face Brushes9 Green Gradient Face Brushes

9 Green Gradient Face Brushes

9 Green Gradient Face Brushes is a set of popular products of our Yoly Group, the green gradient design is not only eye-catching, but also adds an artistic fun to the makeup process. This set of brushes is ideal for achieving a unique, stylish look and adding a unique pop of color to your makeup table. This set of face brushes comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, covering foundation, blush, contouring and more to meet your different needs in the makeup creation process. 9 Green Gradient Face Brushes are an indispensable makeup tool for you who pursue the art of makeup.

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Product Description

The 9 Green Gradient Face Brushes launched by Yoly are a set of well-designed makeup tools that bring a new experience to your makeup. This set features a unique green gradient shade that blends deep greenery with fresh colors for a sleek and eye-catching look.

Parameter (Specification)

Product name Size Material Color
FFB#003 9 green gradient face brushes Customized Hair:Animal hair/Cilia hair
Handle:Wood handle/
Plastic handle
Metal parts:aluminum tube
Customized color

9 green gradient face brushes application

Makeup is a unique and subtle art, and achieving the perfect makeup look requires a variety of makeup tools, especially the various makeup brushes. There are many types of makeup brushes that not only help to apply a wide range of makeup with precision, but also achieve a delicate finish and a professional finish. Let's take a closer look!

Loose Powder/Blush Brush:

Applies evenly with loose powder to help set the entire makeup look, reducing shine on the face and making makeup last longer. It can also be used to apply blush.

Uses: When using loose powder, gently pick up an appropriate amount of loose powder and gently sweep it over the face to ensure an even, natural finish.

To use blush, gently apply an appropriate amount of blush and then gently apply it to areas that need to be emphasized, such as above the cheekbones and in the area of the apple muscles.

Double Slope Foundation Brush:

It is used to brush foundation, with a double slope design, which can be evenly brushed anywhere, fits the nose, eye sockets, mouth corners, and tear troughs to brighten accurately, will not get powdered, and the makeup is applied quickly.

Uses: While using this brush, dot the liquid foundation on the face and then use the brush to gently brush along the contours of the face.

Round Toe Concealer:

Dense and soft, precise brightening, can make the blending too natural, more conformable makeup, even application without mottling.

Uses: Use the method of dot poke, apply makeup in small amounts many times, so that the paste is evenly distributed on the brush, and the area is accurately brightened, so that the finish is more natural.

Ramp Nose Shadow Brush:

Conform to the contours of the nose and shade and retouch the nose area. Using a nose shadow brush can help accentuate the bridge of the nose and define areas such as the wings of the nose to create a more sculpted, sophisticated effect in the overall look.

Uses: Gently blend on both sides of the nose bridge, the tip of the nose and the wings of the nose to make the nose more defined, creating a slender, straight nose shape.

Flat Tip Brush:

For small areas of eye shadowing, such as painting silkworms, or brightening the eye area, the flat-tipped brush can also come in handy to help apply eyeshadow precisely and create a subtle eye makeup effect.

Uses: While accentuating the tail of the eyes, you can use the remaining powder to sweep out the lying silkworms to create a natural, gradient shape.

Detail Brush:

Brightens the lying silkworm, blends the eye and makeup details, and blends and deepens the main details.

Uses: Swipe or tap to apply makeup, use the details upright, and take care of larger areas on the side

Blending Brush:

Rich in hair, it conforms to the eye socket wheel and swipes over the edges of the eyeshadow to allow the shade to naturally transition, blend easily and brighten.

Uses: Use in the eye socket and blend in a gentle circular motion to blend the eyeshadow color evenly into the eye socket

Large Eyeshadow Brush:

Suitable for a large area of color priming, the bristles are soft and delicate, this brush head is relatively rounded, and the eye makeup that blends out has a layered and natural feeling.

Uses: Apply the eyeshadow several times, sweeping the base repeatedly, blending the edges of the eyes and the areas where the colours connect.

Angled Eyeliner Brush/Brow Brush:

The bristles of this brush type are generally stiff and straight, which can draw clearer lines, and is suitable for drawing eyebrows, eyeliner, and eyelids.

Uses: Use the bristles to comb your eyebrows to give them a neat and orderly look. You can also use an angled brush or a slender brush section to fill in the eyebrows with brow powder or other eyebrow makeup products to accentuate the color and shape of the eyebrows.

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