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Guangdong Youlian Brush Co., Ltd.

Yoly Group

Yoly Group is one of the best professional manufacturers for makeup brush and powder puffs etc. We have two factories, one is Jingjiang YOULIAN Industrial Co., Ltd. which was established in 1993, and located in Jiangsu province, it is focus on makeup brushes; to meet demand from customer's increasing requirement, we built another factory in 2018 which located in Zhongshan of Guangdong Province, and also expand business scope from brushes to many kinds of puffs, such as powder puffs, foundation puffs, cushion puffs etc.
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Yoly group have two factories with makeup brushes and powder puffs which have more than 30 years manufacture experience. The first factory is Jingjiang YOULIAN Industrial Co., Ltd, which focus on makeup brushes, such as Foundation brush, Concealer brush, Eye defining brush, Lip brush, Lip brush etc. Another factory is Guangdong YOULIAN Industrial Co., Ltd which focus on makeup puffs, such as Foundation puffs, powder puffs, makeup sponge, Cushion puffs etc.
  • 30+
    More than 30 years manufacture experience
  • 2
    We have two factories
  • 20+
    More than 20+ patents
  • 30+
    More than 30 sets of production equipment
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For inquiries about makeup puffs, face brush, lip brush or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.
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