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Curved Concealer Brush
  • Curved Concealer BrushCurved Concealer Brush
  • Curved Concealer BrushCurved Concealer Brush
  • Curved Concealer BrushCurved Concealer Brush

Curved Concealer Brush

Guangdong Youlian Brush Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangsu, China and also another factory in Zhongshan, China. It covers a range of body makeup brushes, powder puff and beauty eggs etc., we usually attend in different show to let more clients know us. We support clients not only for OEM&ODM, but also OBM with creation. The curved concealer brush uses a special bristle shape for a more perfect fit to achieve a natural effect, and this curved concealer brush supports OEM, ODM and other customized needs.

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Product Description

This small curved concealer brush is soft and does not stick to the face, the bristles are fine and firm, and it is elastic. The slope fits the eye sockets, the nose, and fits the human body structure. The full round brush head takes care of the corners and quickly solve the problem of skin blemishes, smudge naturally, without a sense of boundary, metal aluminum tube, firmly connected bristles, wear-resistant and durable, not easy to deform, solid wood material, polished and smooth, more comfortable to the touch, with both support and softness.

Parameter (Specification)

Product name




COB#001 Curved Concealer Brush


Hair:Animal hair/Cilia hair
Handle:Wood handle/  Plastic handle
Metal parts:aluminum tube

Customized color

The characteristic of the curved concealer brush is mainly on the part of the brush surface. We chose a full-bodied brush head with a certain radian. Use it on every part, such as around the eyes, sides of the nose, corners of the mouth, etc. The curved surface design makes it easier to fit the skin and cover blemishes, acne, acne marks, and spots. You can take an appropriate amount of concealer on the blemishes, pat on the edge of the concealer to smudge naturally. For large areas of dark circles, dullness, redness and other blemishes, you can use the method of point application to cover the blemishes. Whether it is push, big circle, or poke, it can be handy. At the same time, it can be used on the handle You can also choose to use plastic or wooden handles, any style can meet custom requirements. How to use the curved surface concealer brush: Dip the concealer product with a brush. For a small area of blemishes, you can use the method of smudging to lightly smudge the concealer. If it is a large area of blemishes, you can use spot paint The method is to apply lightly on the blemishes and spread from the inside to the outside, so as to achieve a perfect concealer effect and pave the way for the subsequent process.

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