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Classification of Makeup brush


There are many kinds of Makeup brush. Dealing with daily makeup can be combined according to personal makeup habits. However, 6 brushes are the necessary basic configuration: honey paint brush, concealer brush, powder blusher brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush, detail brush, and lip brush.
Honey brush: The powder swept out has a silk texture, making the makeup look cleaner and longer lasting.
Concealer brush: the fine brush head can brush hard to reach parts, and the concealer effect is more uniform and natural.
Powder blusher brush: brush powder blusher with natural radian to shade and highlight facial contour.
Eye shadow brush: various. You need to prepare eye shadow brushes of different sizes to match different eye sketching methods.
Eyebrow brush: Combined with eyebrow powder, it can create a quite natural eyebrow shape. It is easier to control the intensity and intensity than an eyebrow pencil.
Lip brush: Accurately outline the lip shape, making the color of the lips plump and even, more lasting.
Foundation make-up brush: It is used to apply liquid foundation. The requirements for brush and liquid foundation are relatively high.
Facial contour brush: The feature is that the brush head is 45 °, the size is similar to that of the powder blusher brush, and the brush hair is thick.

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