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PU Beveled Makeup Sponge
  • PU Beveled Makeup SpongePU Beveled Makeup Sponge
  • PU Beveled Makeup SpongePU Beveled Makeup Sponge
  • PU Beveled Makeup SpongePU Beveled Makeup Sponge

PU Beveled Makeup Sponge

Guangdong Yoly group Cosmetic Tools Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological joint-stock enterprise specializing in the design and production of various makeup brushes, puffs, beauty eggs and makeup tools. Since its establishment in 1993, the company has always taken "promoting Chinese creation with manufacturing and focusing on achieving world brands" as its corporate mission. The company adheres to the principle of "product is character" and creates a personalized "friendship link".As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you PU Beveled Makeup Sponge.

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Product Description

Yoly's beauty egg has added new creativity and increased the plane, which is more suitable for the application of base makeup. [Tip] is suitable for the wings of the nose, around the eyes and other areas, and applies makeup accurately; [Cut] is suitable for applying makeup and setting makeup on the forehead, cheeks and other areas; [Curved surface] is suitable for rolling makeup on the neck, etc.; [Bottom] is suitable for large areas of makeup on the forehead and cheeks

Parameter (Specification)

Product name Sculpt Material Color
MS#003 PU Beveled Makeup Sponge Gourd shape Hydrophilic polyurethane (PU) material Customized color

Functions of Yoly’s Beauty Eggs:
1. Exfoliate
You can dip an exfoliating scrub on top of a beauty egg and gently rub it on the forehead, chin and tip of the nose for better results than with your hands!

2. Draw the outline
The tip of the egg easily conforms to the contours of the facial features, so you can dip your fingers into the contour and apply it to your face, then gently pounce it off with the tip of the egg. The effect will be very natural!

3. Remove makeup
Yes, you read that right! Beauty eggs are very suitable for removing difficult makeup, many people don't know this function, you can first use beauty eggs to dip in makeup removers, the pointed tip can remove the corners of the eyes and mouth, and the round head can remove the stubborn makeup on the eyelids and chin~

4. Modify eyebrows
Generally, after we apply eyebrow powder or use eyebrow pencil, the color of the eyebrows will be uneven, and gently pressing the eyebrows with a beauty egg can take away some of the excess eyebrow powder, making the eyebrows look more natural!

5. Rescue the blush that has been applied to the top
Pressing the face with the large round tip of the beauty egg will remove excess blush and make the skin tone more even. The same applies to excessive lipsticks, highlights, nose shadows, and more.

6. Good companion for skin oils
Generally, skin care oil is easy to absorb on the face, or it looks oily and shiny, so it will not have this effect if you apply it with a beauty egg!

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