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PU Powder Puff

PU Powder Puff is our flagship product. Yoly group Toiletries Company has a reputation for competitive pricing and reliability in service and customer service. Yoly group has established business relationships with many overseas customers. Our management team strives to gradually expand our presence in international markets, with our main export partners in South America, the United States, Europe and the Middle East markets.

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Product Description

Yoly's PU material wet and dry cushion puff is high-density, hard when picked up, and soft when dry. PU Powder Puff has ultra-high density, rich elasticity and delicate softness, double-sided use, thickness is 2 times that of general puff, more durable, mild and non-irritating, antibacterial treatment, safe and non-toxic.

Parameter (Specification)

Product name




CCP#002 PU Powder Puff

Gourd shape

Hydrophilic polyurethane (PU) material

Customized color

The following methods are recommended: 1. Dry use: Gently press the powder to absorb an appropriate amount of powder, and gradually spread it on the skin. 2. Wet use: Absorb enough water on the sponge, unscrew it vigorously before use, and make sure the water vapor is fully dried after use or before storage.

Yoly's PU Powder Puff's wet and dry powder biscuits are equivalent to ordinary dry powder, wet use is used as a foundation liquid to wet use, although the concealer effect is not as good as the foundation liquid, but it will also be better than dry powder, of course, wet use will definitely look heavier and unnatural than dry use, but it will also be much thinner than foundation. Wet powder can also make the effect more conformable after setting, easier to apply, and the skin will be more delicate and smoother after makeup.

1. PU Powder Puff is divided into three categories: moisturizing, sunscreen, and oil control according to different functions.

When choosing, you need to take into account your own skin conditions and needs. For those with drier skin, it is recommended to use a powder that contains moisturizing ingredients. If you have oily skin, it is recommended to use a powder that contains oil-controlling ingredients. In summer, it is recommended to use a powder containing sunscreen ingredients, which can protect the skin from UV rays.

According to the texture, there are two types of powders: pearlescent and matte. It is recommended to use a powder with a pearlescent texture in the cooler season, and a matte powder in the summer when it is easier to sweat and sticky. For those whose skin is already oily, it is recommended to use a matte texture powder.

When choosing powder, try to choose a powder with fine powder and good fit. When trying it, you can gently dip the powder with your hands, and if you dip more at once, it proves that the fit of the powder is good. Then take a small amount of powder and gently push it on the back of your hand, and the powder texture is best if there is no obvious graininess. After a good powder is pushed away, it should be even, with no noticeable patches of color. Once the powder has been blended, you can gently wipe it with a paper towel, the less powder you have on the paper towel, the better the durability.

When choosing a powder, try not to choose a color that is too white.

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