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Q Elastic Silicone Lip Brush
  • Q Elastic Silicone Lip BrushQ Elastic Silicone Lip Brush
  • Q Elastic Silicone Lip BrushQ Elastic Silicone Lip Brush
  • Q Elastic Silicone Lip BrushQ Elastic Silicone Lip Brush

Q Elastic Silicone Lip Brush

Yoly group has ISO, COA and other certifications, products are produced according to international standards, as a high-quality cosmetic appliance supplier, we can accept customized orders, also can support customers for first order with 5000pcs. This Q elastic silicone lip brush is our new product, which can be applied to lipstick, concealer and other products, welcome to send inquiries.

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Product Description

This Q elastic silicone lip brush from Yoly group is made of very soft silicone material for the whole use part. The material is naturally soft and elastic like a fingertip. It can be used with lipstick, concealer, mousse blush and other products. It can be used not only on one side, but also on all aspects Perfect makeup is not just a lip brush, it can be used to conceal blemishes when needed, or it can be used with blush. One brush can create a perfect lip makeup effect.

Parameter (Specification)

Product name




LB#001 Q elastic silicone lip brush


Material: silica gel
Handle:Wood handle/ Plastic handle
Metal parts:aluminum tube

Customized color

This silicone lip brush is a new product of our company. Our philosophy of designing this product is to make makeup a pleasure. The touch of this lip brush simulates the feeling of the fingertips, whether it is used on the lips or on the face, this kind of Q-elastic touch will make people feel happier during use. The soft feel can also be used as a decompression prop in normal times, but it should be noted that this lip brush is very soft and single Silicone, so please be careful when using it, too much force will make the product easy to break, so that it can no longer be used.

How to use the Q silicone lip brush
(1) lips
Apply lipstick to the inside of lips, then use this lip brush to blend from the inside out
(2) face
Dip a small amount of concealer with the brush head, and then apply it on the blemishes, gently blending from the inside to the outside, you can have a flawless base makeup
Special Note: Because of the special material, this silicone lip brush needs to be used and wiped gently no matter it is in use or in the cleaning process.

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