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Stippling Brush
  • Stippling BrushStippling Brush
  • Stippling BrushStippling Brush
  • Stippling BrushStippling Brush

Stippling Brush

Yoly group is a strong enterprise with more than 30 years of experience in the creation, research, production, sales and service of cosmetic appliances. This stippling brush is one of the main products in our factory. Its main function is to take less powder, brush and skin contact area is small, which can make the makeup effect of blush more natural, especially for those who are not good at mastering the amount of dark blush; At the same time, the fainting effect of the dot color brush is also better, which can make the color transition naturally, so that the color seems to come out from the skin; In addition, the stippling brush does not test the makeup technique, just a few points and then lightly sweep the smudge can be.

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Product Description

Stippling comes from the stippling technique in painting. It is intended to use small dots to simulate different levels of light and shadow. The "magic" of this Yoly’s stippling brush lies in its double-layer bristle design. The loose bristles on the top allow users to create a lighter makeup by "stippling". This stippling brush has fluffy and soft bristles, enough grip and strong smudging ability!

Parameter (Specification)

Product name




BB#002 stippling brush


Hair:Animal hair/Cilia hair
Handle:Wood handle/ Plastic handle
Metal parts:aluminum tube

Customized color

The stippling brush is suitable for the kind of blush that is easy to be heavy. This poking blush brush can make the blush firmer and the color is clearer.

After taking out the blush brush, you have to wipe off a little bit on the back of your hand or a tissue before applying it on your face to prevent the blush from being too heavy. You don’t have to worry about this at all when using this Yoly’s stippling brush.

The bristles of the stippling brush are radial, and there is no slope. It is all based on smudging.

 Yoly's stippling brush controls the amount of powder it takes through the sparse hairs. Since the bristles of this stippling brush are straight on the face, it will have a good smudging power, and there will be no discomfort when circling. If you just want the color to be clear, you can also use different hair textures and techniques (shake the powder after taking the powder or rub some off) to achieve it.

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