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Compact Powder Puff
  • Compact Powder PuffCompact Powder Puff
  • Compact Powder PuffCompact Powder Puff
  • Compact Powder PuffCompact Powder Puff

Compact Powder Puff

Yoly Group is one of the best professional manufacturer and supplier in China for makeup brush and powder puff etc. our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the European and American markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner for makeup brush, especially with Compact Powder Puff.
We support custom, OEM/ODM. Powder puff is our double-sided flocking material, soft material, fine suede, better enough to grasp the powder .

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Product Description

This Compact Powder Puff from Yoly is very convenient and quick to use when wiping it out to improve complexion, and its oil control effect is excellent. Basically, wiping it in the morning and pressing it again in the evening is enough. Coupled with the Compact Powder Puff, it is easy to get dizzy. We recommend everyone to give it a try!

Parameter (Specification)

Product name




MS#001 PU Gourd-Shaped Makeup Sponge

Gourd shape

Hydrophilic polyurethane (PU) material

Customized color

With the Yoly Compact Powder Puff, you can see the soft fog that makes up looks gray and does not dry. The powder is very delicate, and the skin will become light and glossy after using it!

Powder puff is a kind of makeup tool. Generally, powder puff is contained in powder and powder boxes, which are mostly made of cotton and velvet materials, used to dip foundation make-up, and decorate makeup. According to the different types of powder puffs, the main functions are as follows: sponge powder puffs are more suitable for wet water use,  and can easily and evenly push out liquid foundation make-up; The triangular shape is easy to apply to the corners of the eyes and nasal wings. Wet and dry powder puffs are generally round or rectangular. Wet and dry powder can be applied to the face whether wet or not. Whether using sponge powder puff or wet and dry powder puff, it is better to choose one with moderate softness.

1. The efficacy of the powder puff should not be underestimated whether it is used for foundation make-up or set makeup. It is recommended to prepare one or two more puffs at ordinary times for easy replacement at any time.

2. When using a powder puff to dip in powder, be sure not to completely dip the entire puff into the powder, otherwise it will cause unnecessary waste and it is not possible to finely apply the powder to small areas such as the nose and eye area.

3. The oil secretion at the nostrils is particularly strong, and it is not suitable to apply too thick powder, otherwise it can easily cause makeup to fall off. It is recommended to use the remaining powder on the puff to gently apply it from top to bottom, or fold the puff in half and press the nostrils, which can also fix the makeup, decorate the black head, and cause redness.

If you want to cleverly cover up dark circles, uneven eyelids, or obvious eye bags, it is best to use a triangular powder puff corner to gently press on the upper and lower eyelids, which has a very good effect.

5. When setting makeup, gently brush the facial contour with a powder puff, which not only removes excess powder, but also helps to complete a natural transition between the face and neck, avoiding embarrassment caused by obvious color differences in local areas.

6. Wash the powder puff at least once a week. Because puffs can easily absorb oil from the surface of the skin, and puffs with oil can react with the air, making it difficult to dip in the powder and even breeding bacteria, reducing the skin's own resistance.

7. It is best to conduct inspection and screening before cleaning the sponge, and the texture must be dense before cleaning, otherwise it may easily damage after washing. And the frequency of sponge cleaning should not be too high. Even if the sponge is dirty and old, the internal dirt and scale cannot be completely cleaned, and the elasticity is already exhausted and cannot be used anymore. It is better to discard the old and apply new ones.

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