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Heart Blush Powder Puff
  • Heart Blush Powder PuffHeart Blush Powder Puff
  • Heart Blush Powder PuffHeart Blush Powder Puff
  • Heart Blush Powder PuffHeart Blush Powder Puff

Heart Blush Powder Puff

The main business of Yoly group Company is makeup brushes; various makeup brushes, brush sets, single brushes, heart blush powder puffs, beauty sponges and utensils. The office address is located at No. 6, Dongcheng Road, Pingdong Village, Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. We at Yoly group provide customers with good products, good technical support, and sound after-sales services. If you are interested in our company's products and services, please call us for consultation.

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Product Description

Yoly 's Heart blush powder puff is a kind of love style. It is very cute. A little finger can be inserted into it just for use. The pink face is designed in pink, and it blends with powder blusher material when used. It looks extremely cute!

Parameter (Specification)

Product name




MP#002 Heart blush powder puff

Gourd shape

Hydrophilic polyurethane (PU) material

Customized color

Powder puff is a kind of makeup tool. Generally, powder puff is contained in powder and powder boxes, which are mostly made of cotton and velvet materials, used to dip foundation make-up, and decorate makeup. According to the different types of powder puffs, the main functions are as follows: sponge powder puffs are more suitable for wet water use, and can easily and evenly push out liquid foundation make-up; The triangular shape is easy to apply to the corners of the eyes and nasal wings. Wet and dry powder puffs are generally round or rectangular. Wet and dry powder can be applied to the face whether wet or not. Whether using sponge powder puff or wet and dry powder puff, it is better to choose one with moderate softness.

Usage tips: Before using a clean new puff, soak it in water for a period before taking it out. Use a dry towel to repeatedly squeeze and wring it dry to keep it moist. Only when the puff is wet can the foundation make-up be tight, close, and transparent.

Cleaning technique: a sponge can be divided into four parts: the left side of the surface, the right side of the surface, the left side of the inside, and the right side of the inside. For different types of foundation make-up, use one part each time. After four times of use, thoroughly clean it with soap. The sponge becomes wet when it is used because it absorbs the water in foundation make-up, which is easy to cause many bacteria to multiply. Therefore, careful cleaning is very necessary to ensure the safety and health of the skin.

Maintenance method: It is best to place the puff in a well-ventilated place after cleaning it, allowing it to dry naturally and not directly exposed to the sun.

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