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Focus on the 26th Hong Kong Asia Pacific Cosmoprof | Yoly Group charm debut!


On November 17, the 26th Hong Kong Cosmoprof Asia came to an end at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Yoly has achieved fruitful results at the Asia-Pacific Beauty Exhibition, and even ushered in a good start on the first day of the exhibition. Next, let's walk into the exhibition journey of Yoly.

Directly hit the exhibition site, and the charm of Yoly debuted. The exhibition site was full of people, and the major exhibitors gathered together, which was dazzling. In front of the Yoly’s booth, a large number of visitors have gathered. Visitors came one after another, they were very interested in Yoly's products, listened to the staff's explanations with great interest, and eagerly discussed the latest products on display.

The Asia-Pacific Beauty Exhibition has attracted many foreign customers, and Yoly has a large overseas customer base, has accumulated rich experience in international cosmetics research and development, and has a deep understanding of the needs of overseas markets. Yoly's makeup brushes will not disappoint in terms of quality assurance, brush bag design and proofing, and Yoly can carefully provide a full range of services for every customer, and meeting the needs of customers is our greatest motivation.

At this exhibition, the novel design of our makeup brush products attracted the attention of many visitors. The brushes are neatly arranged, and each brush is carefully designed and colored to cater to the needs of different customer styles. We also pay special attention to the eco-friendliness and sustainability of our makeup brushes, and we are committed to sustainable beauty development by using more environmentally friendly materials and production processes for the handle. Brilliant colors, new combinations, and novel designs make our makeup brushes and puffs stand out.

This is a grand event for the beauty industry, and it is also an active exploration for the future development of the industry. On this basis, Yoly will continue to pay attention to innovation trends, continuously expand the development direction, maintain keen insight, and flexibly respond to the challenges of different markets to achieve more sustainable development goals. Thank you to every new and old customer, friend, and our lovely friends for their hard work! Yoly is always on the road, we will see you next year, and we will see you in Hong Kong, China next year!

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