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​Yoly teaches you how to choose makeup brushes


Makeup brushes will have different functions depending on the type of brush, and there are different types. Yoly currently has foundation brushes, blush brushes, powder brushes, contour brushes, highlighter brushes, eyeshadow brushes, concealer brushes, eyebrow brushes, powder brushes and so on. The following is a simple distinction between these brushes by Yoly, which specializes in the production of makeup brushes:

1. Foundation brush

Because of the frequent use, foundation brushes are generally made of artificial fiber hair, because fiber hair is more durable. However, because the bristles will be relatively tight and fine, the touch may be slightly hard, don't be too fierce when using, be careful of sensitive skin!

Looking at the shape of the brush head, there are tongue-shaped flat-head foundation brushes, round-headed or oval-headed foundation brushes, flat-headed or beveled flat-head foundation brushes, and rounded toothbrushes and foundation brushes.

Tongue Flat Foundation Brush: Suitable for thin liquid foundations and gouache creams, it is convenient to deal with details and easy to use with concealer, suitable for dry skin.

Round-tipped or oval-tipped foundation brushes: suitable for thicker foundations, such as cream foundation, cream foundation, BB cream, etc. It is evenly stressed, not easy to produce brush marks, and can be used to apply a foundation with high consistency and high coverage. When using, use a circular method to push the foundation open, but this method is easy to cause dandruff to roll, so it is recommended to use a round-tipped brush for oily skin paper rather than dry skin. The movements must be light, like a dragonfly dotting water, rather than pressing on the face in a circular motion.

Flat or angled flat foundation brushes: suitable for thicker foundations, such as cream foundation, cream foundation, BB cream, etc. Moderate coverage makes it easy to work on the details of the face. The speed of applying makeup is much faster than that of a tongue brush, which is suitable for dry skin girl paper. When using a small amount of multiple pokes and presses, it is not only less likely to leave brush marks, but also makes the base makeup more compliant.

Rounded toothbrush foundation brush: any foundation is suitable, the bristles are many and dense, soft and soft, evenly distributed, leaving no powder and no powder. It is easy to operate, and it can be said to be the most suitable foundation brush for beginners.

2. Powder brush/powder brush

Very fat and bulky, the bristles are generally long and thick, basically the fattest one you see in a bunch of brushes is the loose powder brush. The bristles of the powder brush must be soft and fluffy, and it is used to apply loose powder and set makeup on the face. When using the powder brush, you can gently dip the loose powder, filter out the excess floating powder, gently set the makeup on the face, and finally, brush off the excess powder on the face from top to bottom.

3. Blush brush

Depending on the size of the face and the extent of the blush, some blush brushes can actually be used as contour brushes, highlighter brushes or even powder brushes. Common brush head types are: round, beveled, and oval. The bristles are soft and rich, and the bristles are not as long as typical loose brushes. Round-headed and oval-shaped ones are generally fatter, and those with beveled heads are of medium stature.

Round head: Use in a circular motion at 90 degrees with your face on the apple muscles (the apple muscles are the two most developed pieces of flesh on your face when you smile)

Oval tip: Use the bristles on both sides of the brush to apply the blush, at an angle of about 45 degrees.

Beveled tip: Brush a Nike logo on your face at the angle of the beveled tip from the apple muscle to the sides.

4. Contouring Brush/Shadow Brush

Common brush head types are: beveled brushes, fat fan brushes, oval brushes, and flat brushes. The shape is basically similar to that of a blush brush, but the bristles are less elastic, but the powder grip is better and the bristles are soft.

Often, the angled brush is used to sweep the dark powder over the edges of the forehead, on the sides of the bridge of the nose and under the cheekbones of the cheekbones to add a shadow effect, and then sweep the light powder over the forehead, bridge of the nose, chin and mid-cheeks to add overall dimension.

If you are using a fat fan brush and a flat brush, this one is generally used to brush the hollows of the cheeks, because it is more precise.

5. Highlighter brush

Common brush head types are: round head, flame head, medium to short bristles, thick and soft bristles, and the overall size is considered to be small in the face brush, not too large. When using the highlighter brush, brush on the high points of the face, such as the brow bone, lip edge, chin and the C area of the cheeks (the C area is actually the C from the brow bone to the cheekbones).

6. Eyeshadow brush

The different functions of eyeshadow brushes that are often used are: large eyeshadow brush, small eyeshadow brush, angled eyeshadow brush, basic blending brush, etc. It is also different from the brush head, the large one is more suitable for a large area of base eyeshadow color, and the small one is used to modify the eye contour and deal with the details of the eyes.

The round tip or arc-shaped brush head is generally an eye blending brush, which blends the eyeshadows on the eyelids together in a controlled manner and pays attention to the smooth transition of the eyeshadow when blending, which can help to blur the boundaries of the eyeshadow, so as to create a beautiful gradient eye makeup effect.

The oblique eyeshadow brush is used to create precise lines, and the brush is swiped at a 45-degree angle at the eye socket to transition colors (light colors) for a more natural transition of dark and light colors. Or use it at the end of the eye to easily draw shapes.

7. Concealer brush

About the size of a fingernail of a little thumb or index finger, the bristles are short and compact. The material is the same as the foundation brush, mainly fiber artificial hair. Common brush heads include tongue-shaped flat heads, round heads or flame heads, beveled flat heads, etc.

The flat tip of the tongue is suitable for concealer under the eyes; The flame head is sharper and thinner, which is suitable for dealing with acne marks and spots; The angled flat tip brush is generally used to correct the contours and imperfections of the eyebrows and lips. When using, take an appropriate amount of concealer with a brush, tap on the blemish area, and tap lightly to make the concealer more conforming, longer lasting and more natural-looking.

8. Remaining whitewash

The sparse bristles, which are easily recognizable in a fan-shaped shape, are used to remove powder residue from the face during the makeup process, making the makeup look more tidy.

9. Eyebrow whitewash

Generally, it is oblique and flat, with more dense and hard hairs, and you can draw a fine eyebrow shape, which is divided into two types: hard bristle brush and soft bristle brush. The soft bristle brush is used to dip powdered eyebrow makeup; The stiff brow brush is used to apply waxy makeup to the eyebrows for a clear and natural look.

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