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The 2023 Jiangsu Beauty Fair was sponsored by Yoly Group and was a complete success


Due to the three-year epidemic, we have been suspended for three years, and at 2 pm on December 9, the 2023 Jiangsu Laoxiang Beauty Conference will be grandly opened as scheduled. With the theme of "Gathering the Color of Elites and Promoting the Ambition of Great Birds", the conference brought together many well-known enterprises, experts, scholars and industry leaders in the field of cosmetics at home and abroad to deeply focus on the cutting-edge trends of the beauty industry, explore the mutual empowerment and innovation of new technologies, new platforms, new models and the beauty industry, explore a new global path for the high-quality development of the cosmetics industry, and help Jiangsu Laoxiang Beauty Association accelerate its progress towards the "World Cosmetics Capital".

Visitors are busy experiencing new products and technologies, or conducting business cooperation negotiations, and many exhibitors are showcasing their latest beauty and cosmetics products, looking for partners and exploring the latest market trends. As the sponsor of this event, We,Yoly Group , have carefully prepared a set of makeup brushes and makeup puff products for everyone, which became the focus of the audience and was unanimously praised by the audience!

Compared with the past, this event has made a qualitative improvement and quantitative leap in five dimensions, including the level of the meeting, enterprise participation, industrial status, brand value, and event content. Yoly is honored to participate in this Jiangsu Beauty Fair, a unique platform where Yoly seeks domestic and foreign partnerships and business opportunities through the latest trends, upcoming technologies and innovations to match the tools of the beauty industry.

As an annual event in the cosmetics industry that has lasted for many years, Yoly has been paying attention to the basic issues of enterprise survival and development, and its topics have shifted from within the enterprise to the changes in the general environment and the whole industry. Technological innovation is not a new topic, but it is a topic that needs the attention and thinking of every relevant practitioner in the future. In the context of the global economic downturn and increasingly fierce competition in the cosmetics market, only with science and technology as the driving force for victory can we get out of the high-end road of Chinese cosmetics. And our Yoly has also been acting on the road, actively cooperating with the development of new products, which is eye-catching!

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