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New Products-- Double-ended multifunctional lip brush


Most of the lip brushes on the market are single-head lip brushes, but they generally apply to the entire lip without clear contours. This Yoly’s multi-functional double-ended lip brush product can be used for both contouring and lipstick application. Whether you are a novice or a professional makeup artist! It is a good choice to catch market if you have this one !

structure description and aesthetics: two ways of combining aluminum tube and wooden handle

Advantages of Yoly’s multi-functional double-ended lip brush:

1. One brush for multiple purposes (eye shadow/lip brush/concealer/eyeliner/eyebrow brush/eye socket)

2. The details of the lip brush are in place in one step (the contour line of the blade/the lipstick on the round curved surface

3. Clean, hygienic and easy to carry

Multifunctional double-ended lip brush product uses:

1. Lip brush can help you repair lip defects to the greatest extent, fill lip lines, double-headed with cover design

2. Make the lip color fuller without floating color, making your lip makeup more docile.

3. Restore the true color of lipstick to the greatest extent.