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​New product--Replaceable Silicone Head Mask Brush


The silicone brush head can be replaced at any time, small and convenient, the replaceable brush head silicone brush/and the corresponding handle mold shape of the ABS mouth tube of existing customers. A variety of brush head options, one thing with multiple uses understands what you need.

Yoly's uniquely designed replaceable silicone head mask brush is available with two heads. The shape of one silicone brush head can be changed according to personal habits. The shape of the handle and the shape of the spoon at the end make it simple, convenient and hygienic to scoop out the mask. The brush head can also be replaced, and different materials are used. There are three styles to choose from (half-fan type, sickle type, tongue type)

Replaceable silicone head mask brush handle shape:

The replaceable silicone head facial mask brush handle shape is connected to the existing aluminum tube mold of the customer's APS to achieve a double-head brush setup. The handle has a scoop-retracting design and a custom-made handle that can be held with one hand and will not crack after long-term use. Product features: soft and non-irritating, suitable for facial masks, creams, etc.

A powerful little helper for facial masks, it has a double-head + replaceable silicone head shape design. It can be used for multiple purposes, maximizing product utilization and complying with the concept of environmental protection. Welcome everyone to come to Yoly for exclusive customization!

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