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Best wishes for New factory of Guangdong Youlian


Guangdong Youlian held a lively housewarming celebration in the new factory at 9:28 am on September 20, 2023. It was a auspicious day with auspicious weather and prosperous people and wealth. When you think about firecrackers, you get ten thousand taels of gold. Congratulations on Guangdong Youlian moving to a new factory! A new starting point, a new journey! Set sail again, wish for everything you wish for, change the address, but keep the service unchanged! Thank you to all customers and friends who have witnessed the growth of Yoly along the way! Thank you for all!

In order to let you know well about us, pls notice below information:

Jingjiang Youlian Industrial Co., Ltd., located in Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, was established in 1993. Our main products include makeup accessory brushes, cover brushes, and puffs.

Another factory: Guangdong Youlian Cosmetic Appliance Co., Ltd., located in Sanxiang Township, Zhongshan City, was established in 2018. Our main products include mid to high end single brush, set brush, powder puff and makeup egg.

The Suzhou office, Youlian Huiju (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., was established in 2023 to better serve customers in the east region and overseas customers. On September 20th of this year, Guangdong Youlian successfully relocated its new factory, which is still located in San Township, Zhongshan City. The factory has expanded from over 2000 square meters to over 5000 square meters. The factory relocation is aimed at expanding the production capacity of makeup brushes and puffs to meet the increasing demand for orders from domestic and foreign customers.

Yoly Group will provide customers with better products and services with a richer product line, more professional application technical support, and higher quality after-sales service!

Guangdong Youlian is celebrating the relocation of its new factory. We would like to express our gratitude to our friends for their preparation work in the past few days, from site selection, decoration to check-in, which has been a tense 5-month period. The company has been established for more than 30 years, from scratch, and has been managing for 30 years since childhood. From the initial difficulties to the current rapid development, every employee is indispensable. Along the way, Yoly has gone through ups and downs, as well as the epidemic. It has accumulated valuable experience time and time again to overcome every difficulty.

The relocation of Youlian Guangdong not only improved the company's office conditions and environment, but also foreshadowed a bright future for development. A new environment and image are also new starting points. We will maintain a good mental state and work style, work steadily, and do a good job in every customer's business! Finally, I sincerely wish Guangdong Youlian prosperous development and prosperity. Let's work together to ride the wind and waves, create new brilliance!

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