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Yoly Makeup Brush New Product News - Tumbler Powder Brush | Fun and practical


Guangdong Youlian Cosmetic Tools Co., Ltd., located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong, mainly engages in makeup brushes; main products: Makeup brushes, makeup set brush, single brush, powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush, concealer brush, foundation brush, telescopic brush, powder brush, telescopic brush, mushroom brush Facial mask brush, highlight brush, rouge brush, facial mask brush, contouring brush, beauty egg puff, etc. If you need to purchase, please contact us.

Do we usually encounter the situation where the makeup brush is unstable? The new products developed by Yoly are full of creativity and imagination!

This new product of Yoly's tumbler powder brush has a base made of angled tumblers. It will not fall over when placed casually. It is clean and tidy, small in size and does not take up space. The round shape is also very cute.

Product Features of the Tumbler Powder Brush: Large brush head for loose powder, fast application of makeup, bristles made of bionic fiber bristles. This special imitation thread-dimensional bristles are based on the characteristics of animal hair scales and the defects of animal hair, and are developed from biological animal hair, which is not easy to shed, broken, easy to clean, long, novices can easily use it! In addition, the matching brush bag styles can also be matched at will. Yoly is an exclusive factory that specializes in providing customized services for you, and it is trust worthy!

From material selection to quality inspection, Yoly makeup brushes control every process from the source and strive for excellence at every level, effectively ensuring the quality of the product. Yoly makeup brushes meet all your expectations of convenience. They are designed with multi-functions and can be used for multiple purposes, making them convenient and fast. This will start your comfortable makeup journey, allowing you to enjoy every makeup session.

Choosing Yoly makeup brushes has the following advantages:

1. Spot wholesale, the whole store can be mixed and wholesale, logistics delivery and packaging specifications are recommended, please consult customer service. Sufficient stock, worry-free supply.

2. Brand customization, accepting customization of different needs, materials and high-end design styles. Customized models to shape your brand image.

3. OEM processing, support OEM processing and customized drawings to create your exclusive brand, and support OEM/ODM online services.

The design of the tumbler powder brush is exclusively produced by Yoly Cosmetic Brush. For more creative ideas, please leave a message for further in-depth discussion~

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