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Rubycell Air Cushion Puff
  • Rubycell Air Cushion PuffRubycell Air Cushion Puff
  • Rubycell Air Cushion PuffRubycell Air Cushion Puff
  • Rubycell Air Cushion PuffRubycell Air Cushion Puff

Rubycell Air Cushion Puff

Rubycell air cushion puff has a very delicate leather surface, the purpose is to make the material body does not penetrate into the sponge, In order not to waste the material bulk, but also to make the material bulk on the surface of rubycell can be more closely fitted to our face by gently patting, so that the base makeup looks perfect. This is one of the most popular products in Yoly group, we can support a variety of shapes, sizes, colors for customization

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Product Description

Air cushion puff is generally suitable for air cushion products, such as: air cushion CC, air cushion BB and air cushion blush, etc. There will be a small puff in these makeup products to control the amount of product used. This Yoly’s Rubycell Air Cushion Puff is in the shape of a water drop, perfect for covering the corners of the eyes and nose when applying makeup. The pointed part can cover partial details, and the round part can brighten and repair the overall appearance.

Parameter (Specification)

Product name




ACBP#001 Rubycell Air Cushion Puff

Water drop shape

Rubycell material

Customized color

Yoly’s Rubycell air cushion puff has the following 4 advantages:
1. Soft and comfortable, skin-friendly material, can fit every corner of the face, creating a refreshing makeup base!
2. The texture is light, non-sense and docile, one smear can create crystal clear nude makeup for you!
3. Thin and breathable, comfortable skin feeling, help to improve the problems caused by uneven makeup!
4. The elasticity is better, so that the makeup is more powerful, making the makeup more docile, without floating powder!

The shape of air cushion puff is generally round, but Yoly’s drop-shaped air cushion puff has a more scientific design, which can take care of the makeup on the corners of the face. Using it will make the base makeup look particularly light. Later, the air cushion puff was also sold separately. In addition to being used to apply air cushion products, it can also be used for other makeup products, such as makeup base products, and the air cushion puff can be used to apply makeup. The beauty sponge can be used wet, while the air cushion puff is generally used dry, because the air cushion product itself is very moist and easy to push away, and it can be pushed away directly with the air cushion puff, and there is no need to wet the air cushion puff with water before use.

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