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  • Mini Powder PuffMini Powder Puff
  • Mini Powder PuffMini Powder Puff

Mini Powder Puff

The role of this mini powder puff is mainly because it is relatively small, so that you can carry out more perfect operation in the facial details, in that case, the facial makeup is more exquisite, we have 30+ years of production experience in makeup brush and makeup puff, so the quality is absolutely guaranteed, we can provide customers with R & D, production, sales, a series of services.

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Product Description

Mini powder puff from Yoly group is the size of a finger puff, cute with a widened ribbon on her hand, and she wants to wear slippers for her little finger, so cute that it's a foul. Mini powder puff from Yoly group is small and practical, it can take care of the nose, nose wing, and the corners of the eyes. It is super easy to use and easy to carry. It takes care of the details and makes the makeup look more porcelain and more mellow, making the makeup look cleaner.

Parameter (Specification)

Product name




ACPP#003 Mini Powder Puff

Pointed shape

Hydrophilic polyurethane (PU) material

Customized color

It is easy to get powder on the face with a brush, but this little finger powder puff from Yoly is easy to stick, it is really cheap and easy to use. First find the tip of the powder puff, then aim at the dark circles, and pat it directly, and the dark circles will disappear. The small tip of the water droplets, taking care of the details, it is easy!
For the colored blemishes on the face, first dip in the concealer, then gently press and spread it with the Yoly’s little finger puff. Using this Mini powder puff will give you a powdery and tender feeling when puffed up. Because it is small, the range control will be more accurate, and it will not take up space when you take it out to touch up makeup.
Mini powder puff is very suitable for taking oily blush hair, because the contact area is small and relatively fine, and the area will not become larger as you shoot, so that it will become fainter and thinner and not obvious. It can keep the hair within a small area, It is very colorful when opened!
Recommended method of use: first use a whiter base makeup to make the face more colorful, then turn your fingers twice, and place it on the cheeks in a small range (the position of the back 1/3 of the eyes, avoiding the deepest dark circles), upper eyelids, eyelids, chin, nose and temples. Use this small puff to pat it on and then use a transparent and colorless loose powder/powder to set the makeup (the powder with covering power will also eat up its color rendering). You may feel that the mini powder puff is useless at first, but gradually you get used to using it every time you make up! If the makeup base is simple and light, you don’t need to add other blush, just use this Yoly’s mini powder puff and it will be very natural. The flush that comes out! If the base makeup is very porcelain, then add a powder blush. However, use the mini powder puff from Yoly to press the makeup on the bottom, and the whole blush will last longer. After the powder is gone, it will still be on the face, and it will not be pale.

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