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PU Air Cushion Puff Pu
  • PU Air Cushion Puff PuPU Air Cushion Puff Pu
  • PU Air Cushion Puff PuPU Air Cushion Puff Pu
  • PU Air Cushion Puff PuPU Air Cushion Puff Pu

PU Air Cushion Puff Pu

Yoly group Makeup Brush Puff (yolybrush.com) Guangdong City Makeup Brush Manufacturer: As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you PU Air Cushion Puff Pu. And we will offer you the after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

Yoly this Pu Air Cushion Puff Pu, thumb shape, small very cute, a little finger inserted into the use of just right, powder Puff is a cute design, with the material when used together, it is very cute!

Parameter (Specification)

Product name




APP#002 PU Air Cushion Puff Pu

Gourd shape

Hydrophilic polyurethane (PU) material

Customized color

How do you use an air cushion puff?

Cushion puff can be used for isolation, foundation, BB cream and CC cream and other geological products, because its thickness is relatively thin, so it is more suitable for moisturizing texture, and general blush cream can also be done with cushion puff. Cushion puffs can also be used to apply concealer.

Cushion puff on with barrier cream

Step 1: Use the cushion puff to apply the base cream for a more even fit, first squeeze out an appropriate amount of barrier milk on the back of your hand. Isolation is a very important step in the base makeup, which can help us isolate the makeup and adjust the skin condition, so we should apply it to every corner.


Step 2: Use your fingers to spread the barrier cream to a range that is almost a little smaller than the cushion BB, being careful not to squeeze a large lump of isolation on the puff and apply it to the face, which will be difficult to apply evenly.

Step 3: Press with the cushion puff to allow the barrier to adhere evenly to the surface of the cushion puff. This method is actually to imitate the use of the puff on the air cushion BB.

Step 4: Gently pat the entire face with the barrier puff, if it is not enough, follow the steps above to add a little more, and then repeat the pat, do not rub back and forth, the key is to pat lightly, so that it will fit the skin more closely.

Cushion puff on liquid foundation

Step 1: For a clear base, apply the liquid foundation with a cushion puff as well as isolate, squeeze it on the back of your hand, spread it out, and dip it into the puff.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer like this to your face and gently pat it open.

Cushion puff on concealer

Step 1: The effect of the cushion puff for applying concealer is also very good, it can press the concealer more conformingly, and it is not too thick. Start by applying a thick layer of concealer to the areas of dark circles.

Step 2: Bend the cushion puff in half like this and press on the area where the concealer has just been applied.

Step 3: Done! This method is so simple, it doesn't look like a tutorial, and for many girls who use a concealer brush to brush out traces, it will be convenient to use this.

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